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Strategic Marketing Courses

DigitalSir academy enhance your core marketing skills and practical knowledge through bootcamp training. Our masterclass marketing training programs teach you learn demand generation strategies, Promotional strategies, develop brand reputation, how to compete with other competitors early stage. Trainees gain live experience in B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, D2C Marketing by executing marketing campaigns on advertising platforms. Our fullstack marketing courses is designed for aspiring product marketers, brand managers, media buyers, digital marketers, Ecommerce managers seeking to pursue careers. Our interactive online classes keep improve your learning productivity as well technical marketing skills competency to work.DigitalSir Addresses your marketing core skills levels efficiently meet the specific learning needs for future work. We made marketing curriculum for freshers could learn by practical experience from basic knowledge to advanced level in short span. Our interactive Training ecosytem teach you core marketing concepts and advertising tools understand market research, product marketing strategy, branding strategy, pricing, integrated marketing, social media strategy, marketing campaign insights. Our Learners gain knowledge in training about how audience segmentation, targeting users and marketing channels, product positioning methods. Learn marketable skills with our marketing educational content topics like marketing analytics, online Marketing, customer behaviour and branding, online Sales, Product market fit, ecommerc market places, Marketing Mix(Place, product, price and promotion). digitalsir giving you Lots of practical resources to help you grow marketing subject skills. In this program Students mastering these skilles also learn marketing data analysis, Technological Proficiency, project management. In this course, our expert explains to you how to scale a business by web analytics tools to make business decisions.

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Our marketing education creates you multiple roles to be played in job as Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager as well Media buying manager, Ecommerce manager. Marketing career is high demand, extremely will get high paying salary with more opportunities for our students if though learn fullstack marketing with digitalSir.

We have expertise marketing faculty and the bandwidth to help you focused on reaching your career goals. digitalsir faculty contains subject knowledge, core marketing skills and positive attitude, interpersonal skills. Are you looking for full stack marketing course in India? Join in DigitalSir Training Institute.

  • Do you want start marketing professional career? Join Our Course, Grow your career fast.

  • Is marketing a good career?This course extremely good for MBA, graduates and postgraduates to start as full stack marketer.
  • Is marketing a high paying job?Yes, Marketing professionals get high paid salaries based on experience.
  • Are marketers in demand?Yes, hiring marketers demand continues to growing across all industries.
  • Is marketing a good career in India?Yes, Marketing consultants get high paid salaries in India depend on their expertise.
  • How easy is marketing?Yes, Marketing is hard. Need to develop effective marketing strategies based on data collection and analysis.
  • Which institute is best for fullstack marketing course in India?DigitalSir institute is best, help you gain experience as full stack marketer and get job in companies.

Full Stack Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Course

Google SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, eMail, Content Marketing & Affiliate Marketing.

Product Marketing Course

Product Market Fit, Design Go-to-Market Strategy, Develop Product Messaging.

Branding Course

Brand Marketing Strategy, Develop Brand Management, Brand Framework & Principles.

Digital Analytics Course

Dynamic Tag Managament, Tag Configuration, Data Collecting, Data Reporting.

Media Buying Course

Design Media Plan, Develop Native Advertisiting, Negotaion Rate Card.

E-Commerce Course

Learn Amazon and Flipkart Market Places, Design and Run Campaigns, Amazon SEO.

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Courses Fee

Course Fee: Rs 19,999 (INR)

Masterclass Training Days: 45 Days

Training Mode: Zoom Online Classes

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